Cabernet Sauvignon  2015      Medium Oak & Body  Dry finish   $21.99 + tax
Chancellor        Oak aged.  Gentle acidity, berry finish.  Similar to Merlot/Pinot Noir   $17.99 + tax
DeChaunac      Medium Bodied.  Smooth with complex tannins.  $17.99 + tax
Ripepi Red       Light, oak aged.  Chianti style, fruity and velvety.   $21.99 + tax
Syrah                Full Body.  Complex.  Tobacco notes.  $17.99 + tax


Mare’chal Foch     Oak aged.  Slightly dry, rustic berry taste.  Port like.  $15.99 + tax
Steuben                  Medium body.  Semi-sweet and tangy blush.  $15.99 + tax
Valley Sunrise      Refreshing, sweet blend.  $15.99 + tax
Concord                 Full bodied. Sweet, lush grape flavor  $12.99 + tax


Melody                      Lightly oaked.  Delicate floral and vanilla notes.  $15.99 + tax
Traminette               Off-dry.  Crisp, subtle citrus fruit hint of grass.  $15.99 + tax
Diamond DRY         Light body with grape finish.  $15.99 + tax
Vidal Blanc DRY     Oak aged.  Stone fruit flavors, lingering acidity.  $15.99 + tax
Sauvignon Blanc     Light bodied.  Notes of unripe melon.  $17.99 + tax


Diamond    Light, delicately sweet. Hint of pineapple notes.  $15.99 + tax
Niagara      Full bodied grape flavor.  Candied fruit finish.  $12.99 + tax
Riesling       Medium bodied.  Sweet with hint of apple and pear.  $15.99 + tax
Vidal Blanc SWEET     Full bodied.  Well rounded.  Hint of toasted butternut.   $15.99 + tax


Ambrosia            Sweet blush blend of grapes with touch of spice.  $14.99 + tax
Sweet Apple        Blend of local Honey Crisp and Gala apples.  $12.99 + tax
Dry Apple            Unsweetened blend of Honey Crisp and Gala apples.  $12.99 + tax 
Oaked Apple       Unique oak aging of local Jonagold apples.  $15.99 + tax
Summer’s  End   Slightly sweet blend of oak aged apples ad grapes.  $15.99 + tax